Mexico and Serbia have always shared the basic values ​​of freedom, national integrity and equality between nations and states. On the occasion of the great jubilee - 75 years of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Serbia, the University Library "Svetozar Markovic" in cooperation with the Embassy of Mexico in Serbia and the Adligat Association presents to people of Serbia and Mexico the digital portal "Mexico in the historical press of Serbia" containing 353 articles published in the historical press of Serbia in the period from 1844 to 1953.

As part of 75 years of uninterrupted diplomatic relations between Mexico and Serbia, the two friendly countries in 2021 together mark the anniversary of diplomatic relations formalized on May 24, 1946. The portal "Mexico in the historical press of Serbia" contains valuable materials that testify to the way the press in Serbia (continuously and before the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Mexico) expressed interest in the events in Mexico and followed all-important development paths of this, geographically distant, but obviously by all other criteria, a country close to Serbia. From this, it can be concluded that the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1946 is only the culmination of the already existing cultural, social, scientific, economic and other ties that existed between the two peoples in the previous period. The materials presented on the portal indicate the richness of these links through the variety of topics in which the presented articles are classified. Nine topics that cover almost all aspects of a country's social life, from the economy, through education to foreign and domestic policy, will enable interested researchers, students, but also the widest population of citizens of Serbia and Mexico. They will be able to see the richness of relations between the two nations and two countries much deeper and earlier than 1946. Also, that will present to all visitors of the portal in the best light the idea that the establishment of diplomatic relations, if it is sincere and intended for the further development of friendly relations, as is the case with Mexico-Serbia relations, is only the crown of a previous friendship that had been developed for decades.

Let's enjoy the presented articles together, get to know the shared history and learn about the relations between the peoples of Mexico and Serbia, and in the section of the portal "Mexico travels through Serbia" we follow the movement of the physical exhibition created based on this portal, which presents the most interesting articles taken from this portal to the public in the physical space through 38 panels. This exhibition will be presented to the public in many cities of Serbia in the period from November 9, 2021, and you can see the reports from the event on this portal, as another testimony of the friendship between the people of Serbia and Mexico.