Title: Mexico has no income for our emigrants
Newspaper: Zastava, 1924-06-08
Description: The working class in Mexico has no opportunity to earn

Title: Mexico introduces a dry regime
Newspaper: Vreme, 1925-12-03
Description: The President of Mexico will soon submit a law restricting the sale of wine and alcoholic beverages

Title: Polish farmers in Mexico
Newspaper: Zastava, 1927-05-12
Description: Agrarian reform in Mexico

Title: Count Mihajlo Karolji goes to Mexico
Newspaper: Zastava, 1928-06-08
Description: The former president of Hungary goes at the invitation of the Mexican government to Mexico, to study the agricultural situation of that country

Title: Mexico has received an extension of the moratorium on foreign debts
Newspaper: Vreme, 1932-01-13
Description: Mexico extended moratorium on foreign debts

Title: Prohibition of exports of products from Mexico to Italy
Newspaper: Pravda, 1935-11-09
Description: Decree issued by the Mexican government on the execution of Geneva decisions on sanctions against Italy enters into force

Title: New General Strike in Mexico
Newspaper: Vreme, 1936-01-30
Description: New general strike in Mexico

Title: Fighting the strike in Mexico
Newspaper: Pravda, 1937-05-29
Description: The President of Mexico is trying to eliminate the strike in oil companies through his mediation

Title: The strike in Mexico affected 30 thousand workers
Newspaper: Pravda, 1937-05-30
Description: A large strike in oil companies in Mexico

Title: Strike ends in Mexico
Newspaper: Pravda, 1937-06-08
Description: A large strike in Mexican oil companies ends

Title: Mexico revokes concessions to American and French oil companies
Newspaper: Vreme, 1937-11-06
Description: President of Mexico Mr. Cardenas, on behalf of the state of Mexico, seized 350,000 acres of land belonging to the American Standard Oil

Title: Mexico confiscates oil sources from Standard Oil and other foreign companies
Newspaper: Pravda, 1937-11-06
Description: Reiter reports that Mexico is confiscating oil sources from Standard Oil and other foreign companies

Title: The problem of silver exports from Mexico
Newspaper: Pravda, 1939-01-01
Description: Export of silver from Mexico

Title: Mexico will continue to sell kerosene to Italy
Newspaper: Vreme, 1939-10-06
Description: Mexico's current measures to sell kerosene to Italy remain in force

Title: Mexico imports cotton from Egypt
Newspaper: Vreme, 1939-10-13
Description: The Ministry of Finance has issued a permit under which the textile industry can import Egyptian cotton at a reduced duty

Title: Mexico will be able to buy German goods
Newspaper: Vreme, 1939-12-20
Description: The Mexican government received authorization from the allies that Mexico could accept goods from Germany, which it had bought before the declaration of war.

Title: Cuba buys oil in Mexico
Newspaper: Vreme, 1940-02-05
Description: A large number of traders arrived in Mexico from Cuba to buy large quantities of kerosene

Title: New Director of the Petroleum Company
Newspaper: Vreme, 1940-08-10
Description: Appointment of a new director of the kerosene company

Title: The Great Strike in Mexico
Newspaper: Vreme, 1940-09-30
Description: Strike at the largest oil refinery in Mexico

Title: Mexico has banned the export of iron
Newspaper: Vreme, 1940-10-23
Description: A Mexican government official says Mexico will no longer sell iron to totalitarian states

Title: Mexico cancels oil contract with Japanese company
Newspaper: Vreme, 1940-10-26
Description: The Mexican government has canceled a contract with a Japanese oil company

Title: The problem of oil companies in Mexico
Newspaper: Vreme, 1941-01-05
Description:The issue of returning foreign oil companies to Mexico

Title: The Question of Mexican Petroleum Exports
Newspaper: Vreme, 1941-01-18
Description: The issue of Mexican oil exports

Title: Mexico may redeem retained foreign ships
Newspaper: Vreme, 1941-04-05
Description: Mexico may buy back retained foreign ships