Title: Customs in Mexico
Newspaper: Peštansko-Budimski Skoroteča, 1844-05-25
Description: Customs in Mexico

Title: Mexico and Mexicans
Newspapers: Beogradske novine, 1916-12-23
Description: Capital of Mexico. Memories of Emperor Maximilian. Population

Title: Today's Mexico
Newspapers: Beogradske novine, 1917-03-10
Description: Today's Mexico is a country that, according to its natural wealth, should expect a great future

Title: The oldest tree in the world
Newspapers: Beogradske novine, 1917-09-02
Description: Mexico boasts the oldest tree in the world

Title: New President of Mexico (photo)
Newspaper: Pravda, 1932-10-06
Description: The new President of the Republic of Mexico, Abelardo Rodriguez, takes the oath of office in the Parliament

Title: Seven legendary towns in Mexico are wanted
Newspaper: Pravda, 1932-10-15
Description: Hundreds of gold diggers are looking for "Seven Cities of Cibola"

Title: Industry that is most widespread in Mexico
Newspaper: Pravda, 1933-05-22
Description: Recently, Mexico City hosted a large exhibition of baskets

Title: New Gold Rush in Mexico
Newspaper: Pravda, 1933-06-22
Description: Gold rush in Mexico

Title: Exploring the Mexican Jungle
Newspaper: Pravda, 1933-10-29
Description: A large scientific expedition set out to study the Mexican rainforests

Title: Hunting for the jewels of the Mexican Emperor Maximilian
Newspaper: Vreme, 1933-10-31
Description: Hunting for the jewels of the Mexican Emperor Maximilian

Title: Society for the Protection of Prisoners
Newspaper: Pravda, 1934-05-27
Description: Mexican convicts have their alliance to help each other

Title: Land of Contrast
Newspaper: Pravda, 1935-12-25
Description: No other country in the world sees as many contrasts between the new and the old as Mexico

Title: Arrival of the new President Mr. Kalesa to Mexico (photo)
Newspaper: Pravda, 1936-01-11
Description: Arrival of the new president Mr. Kalesa in Mexico

Title: In baskets reached the bottom of the Mexican volcano Popocatepetl
Newspaper: Vreme, 1936-12-01
Description: Two young Englishmen descended in wicker baskets to the bottom of the Popocatepetl crater, a Mexican volcano

Title: International Exhibition in Mexico
Newspapers: Vreme, 1936-12-07
Description: Mexico will have its international exhibition in the early summer of 1938

Title: Once the most infamous bandit who ruled Mexico as an uncrowned king died as a hermit in the desert
Newspaper: Vreme, 1936-12-11
Description: Legendary Mexican bandit Emiliano Zapata dies forgotten by everyone in the Pescero desert

Title: The development of the film industry in Mexico is growing
Newspaper: Vreme, 1936-12-27
Description: Development of the film industry in Mexico

Title: America Against Mexican Marriages
Newspaper: Pravda, 1937-01-11
Description: Many Americans come to Mexico to get married

Title: Gratitude of Haila Selasia to Mexico
Newspaper: Pravda, 1937-06-03
Description: Former Emperor Haile Selassi sent a telegram to the Mexican government thanking him

Title: After the dice in the courtroom, the Mexican judge made sure that only the "smarter" wins in the dice
Newspaper: Vreme, 1937-06-25
Description: Mexican gambler Juan Alvers Torrijos in an original way forced a Mexican referee to acquit him of charges of cheating in the game

Title: Mexico, country of wonders and courtesy
Newspaper: Pravda, 1937-11-11
Description: Mexico is completely different than most people imagine

Title: In Mexico, women will get the right to vote
Newspaper: Vreme, 1937-11-26
Description: Change of the Mexican constitution, which gives women active and passive voting rights

Title: One hundred thousand dinars for one ear
Newspaper: Pravda, 1937-12-27
Description: Unusual tragicomedy in Mexico City, two famous Mexican doctors quarreled

Title: Duel between women over a singer
Newspaper: Pravda, 1938-01-13
Description: A love drama in Mexico City

Title: Celebrations in Mexico (photo)
Newspaper: Pravda, 1938-10-14
Description: Celebration of the day of the liberation of Mexico in Rio de Janeiro

Title: The Most Beautiful Woman in Mexico
Newspaper: Pravda, 1938-10-27
Description: A film company was looking for beautiful women in Mexico to make a film

Title: How sailors have fun in a city in Tampica
Newspaper: Pravda, 1938-10-29
Description: Naval bar "Tampika"

Title: New Fives
Newspaper: Pravda, 1939-07-15
Description: New fives born in Mexico

Title: Panic in Mexico over Mars
Newspaper: Pravda, 1939-08-13
Description: A prophet in Mexico claims that Mars is rushing towards Earth with indescribable speed and that it will break it

Title: Juarez - Tragedy of Empress Charlotte and Emperor Maximilian of Mexico
Newspaper: Pravda, 1939-11-01
Description: Tragedy of Empress Charlotte and Emperor Maximilian of Mexico

Title: President Cardenas (photo)
Newspapers: Vreme, 1940-07-09
Description: President Cardenas

Title: Unusual Order
Newspapers: Vreme, 1940-08-16
Description: An unusual board with municipal ordinances has appeared in Morelia these days

Title: Tuscans will live permanently in Mexico
Newspapers: Vreme, 1940-08-25
Description: Famous Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini has been approved to settle permanently in Mexico

Title: General Military Conscription in Mexico
Newspapers: Vreme, 1940-09-13
Description: Introduction of general conscription for all Mexican citizens aged 18 to 53

Title: Great military ceremony in Mexico City (photo)
Newspaper: Pravda, 1940-10-16
Description: Defile of chariots at a military ceremony in Mexico City

Title: The New Dictator of Mexico
Newspaper: Pravda, 1941-02-03
Description: Power and the situation in Mexico

Title: The Martyrdom of a Beautiful Mexican Woman Pardoned by General Kamako Ends with a Love Novel
Newspaper: Vreme, 1941-02-12
Description: The fate of the beautiful Mexican Concepcion Aseveda de la Plata

Title: Map of Mexico (photo)
Newspaper: Vreme, 1941-02-24
Description: Map of Mexico

Title: Which city is the tallest in the world
Newspaper: Kolo, 1943-05-22
Description: Mexico is located at an altitude of 2358 meters